LEVEL UP is an academy that has specialised Career Counselling and Personality Development programmes which cater to all ages with a holistic perspective. We have Personalised Learning Programmes for academic, creative learners and professionals. We also focus on tutoring and mentoring learners to advance to the next level.

Career Counselling & Personality Development

We believe that every individual is uniquely gifted and created to be successful.

We will help them identify the winning combination of their personality, aptitude, and intelligences and to choose a suitable career that would launch them into success.

Personalised Learning

Our programmes are for academic and creative learners which include tutoring and mentoring.

The Collective

Level Up hosts a community of professionals and creatives who are committed to make learning and career opportunities available for all. As a community, we desire to dynamically impact the world around us; giving the next generation a reason to hope. We are passionate about mentoring and equipping people for their future.



  • To help people identify their God ordained destinies
  • To equip them to be successful in the path they discover


  • Our goal is to impact our nation one person at a time
  • To help individuals to identify their winning combination of personality, aptitude, and intelligences that opens unlimited opportunities for the most suitable career
  • By providing sound counsel and equipping them through personalty development programmes and one on one coaching


Rupa David- LEVEL UP team


Rupa is a freelance teacher and trainer. She has over 22 years of experience in teaching Physics (ICSE/ IGCSE/CBSE) and over 5 years of experience teaching Math for Middle School. She possesses a good level of competence and plans her classes creatively. She uses practical demonstrations and hands-on activities to make her classes interesting

Susan George - Communication Director_


Susan is a passionate English teacher, writer and editor who has a great love for people. She has helped formulate curriculum and content for Kindergarten, Primary and High School students and has also been an examiner for the ICSE Board. Her work experience as a College Lecturer, High School teacher and English coach for the last 19 years makes her a much sought-after English trainer. She currently conducts online workshops and classes for creative writing, storytelling and English for communication.

Thelma Penumaka Mudugu - Executive Director, LEVEL UP _ Art


Thelma comes with an experience as a Corporate Trainer for over eight years with GE, Genpact. She is trained in Call quality, Soft Skills, and Personality Development. As a self-taught artist, she has a niche in the industry. She is a Professional Artist trained in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pencil sketches, Pen & Ink, Water Colours, Acrylics, etc. She currently takes online art classes for all ages. Some of her works spanning over eight years are on display on Instagram and Facebook under the name ‘Alabaster Arts’.