A Call To Worship

a Call to Worship

A Call To Worship is part of a global prophetic move of the Holy Spirit to redeem the Arts back to its epicentre, the Body of Christ. This fresh move of the Spirit is a trumpet call to gather worshippers to host His presence by worshipping in spirit and in truth, thus preparing for revival.

A Call To Worship has a 5 fold ministry vision for worshippers all across the globe to:

Art in its purest form was always viewed as a divinely imbued form of expression. One of the first noted artistic requirements mentioned in the Bible was in the careful and meticulous design of the “Tabernacle” of the Most High God.

Bezalel was chosen and anointed by God to work on the Tabernacle and the artefacts in the Tabernacle. He was the first person ever to have been filled by the Spirit of God with a clear artistic purpose in mind. The name Bezalel means “in the shadow of El”. We believe that Art is a byproduct of abiding in the shadow of the Almighty God. All the words, the music, the dance forms, the stories and every bit of our creative expressions are merely a resounding expression of Him who is truly glorious.

Come journey with us and learn how to freely use your creative giftings which are a result of experiencing and obeying His presence.

Community Gathering
Free session open to all: Every Saturday @ 6:30 AM (IST) / 8PM CST


Selah – Selah is a special worship session that is observed every seventh Saturday to praise, pause and reflect.
Creative Book Study – Our book studies are focused to renew a creatives mind to be rooted in the Word thus empowering their walk and creativity.  We reflect creatively through different forms.
Prophetic Sessions – These sessions are geared to equip one to tune their spiritual senses to hear clearly and birth Kingdom agenda’s in the spirit. We create a secure and open space for everyone to express, grow and exercise our spiritual gifts. View some of our activities here.
Creative Worship Series: Is a special creative series focused on creativity and worship. This is conducted by special guests from across the globe who share and equip the community through different creative forms.
Rebuilding the Temple – We believe in holistic growth as our bodies host God’s presence. We have special workshops to help one realign their focus to adapt fitness and nutrition into their lifestyle.
Special Workshops
Our Community Production