The Creative Revolution Begins!!!!
As part of an India-wide journey, a never-before opportunity is on its way to your city in the form of a power packed two day workshop:

The Creative Revolution

This is a unique hands-on workshop which will bring together experienced:


No prior qualification is required other than a burning desire to serve and a willingness to learn. For those with experience, this will be a time to take their skills to the next level. What you can expect is two full days of supernatural ministry, prophetic impartation, theoretical training, hands on learning, sharpening skills and creating together.

The Creative Revolution is all set to inspire, equip and empower 7 cities this year! 

We believe we are all standing on the edge of a giant revival that will sweep through the church and culture … and this time it will be ushered in through the creative arts. So please don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive deep and be part of God’s great move of the century.

Come join The Creative Revolution.
Where Faith and Ideas collide.

One heartwarming truth is that God has equipped our congregations with diverse gifts and talents. Especially in an area that is of critical importance in this season – Media and the Creative Arts. As a community of creative professionals called VOH Culture, who are challenged by an urgent vision to train and equip creative people with essential skills. Please take a moment and imagine the life and energy the creative community in your congregation can unleash; when they are trained, equipped, and anointed. Whether it is in

  • leading Worship,
  • bringing a new voice through Songwriting,
  • opening up the gates of Praise through choreography and dance,
  • creating breathtaking videos or
  • bringing healing through worship painting…

The revival that creatives can channel, is unfathomable.

Songwriting | Art & painting | Dance & movement | Film making & photography.

Now, as part of an India-wide journey, a never-before opportunity is coming to your city as a power-packed two day workshop:

The Creative Revolution

This unique hands-on workshop will bring together experienced songwriters, filmmakers, worship dancers / flag dancers, worship painters, spiritual mentors and others, to pour their learnings and build skill levels in various art forms. So all you need to do is to come alongside this vision to collaborate and partner with us. At this crucial time, it is UNITY which will unleash the blessing that the community desperately needs. If you see potential in this event, please: 


Inspire, Equip & Empower

7 cities this year

We are done with Shillong and Kolkata! Getting ready for Bengaluru! Your city could be next… 4 more cities go! One city at a time